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When you think about an oil well, you might imagine it as you have seen it in movies; a drill in the ground with black liquid spewing all over the place. The images seen in on screen, though, often don't reflect the reality of the situation. When oil is initially extracted from beneath the earth's crust, whether inland or out in the ocean, it doesn't spew all over the place, unless a serious problem is in progress.

Crude oil is a fossil fuel, a naturally made product found under the surface of the earth. Also known as 'unprocessed oil', or petroleum, crude oil comes from deep under the surfaces people use every day, and it must not only be extracted carefully, but it must also be processed and refined in order to be used for a variety of products.

When crude oil is ready to be processed, it contains many different hydrocarbons, and they have to be separated from each other in order for the oil to be used. The process of refining oil separates those hydrocarbons so they can be properly mixed to meet society's needs.

When the refining process begins, the crude oil is heated and boiled, to help the hydrocarbons separate. They all react to heat, and are divided when the temperature reaches a vaporization point for each component of the crude oil. After each hydrocarbon vaporizes, the vapor produced by it is then condensed. This process is called fractional distillation, because it literally breaks the crude oil into sections, or fractions.

After the fractional distillation is completed, the fractions are cleared of impurities. Then, the correct combinations of the different hydrocarbons that have been processed, are combined to make whatever products are desired. Using different combinations, many sources of oil products, such as gasoline for automobiles, can be made, and used for whatever they are needed for.

Better extraction techniques lead to better refinery techniques, and companies like Heartland Energy Development Corporation rely on industry partners who strive to remain at the forefront of the technology revolution.


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